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InfraMantra Partners with BluSmart Mobility for Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions

Leading real estate service provider collaborates with India’s largest EV ride-hailing service to promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprint

InfraMantra, an India-based real estate service provider, has proudly announced its partnership with BluSmart Mobility, India’s largest EV ride-hailing service.

This collaboration aligns with InfraMantra’s Go-Green initiative and aims to address the transportation and mobility needs of its employees while providing free BluSmart cab services to its clients for hassle-free and convenient site visits.

The eco-conscious partnership between InfraMantra and BluSmart has already yielded impressive results. Together, they have saved a total of 378.90 kilograms of CO2 emissions and completed 288 zero-emission rides, effectively preventing the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the environment.

Additionally, this initiative has conserved 582.9 liters of fuel, making a substantial contribution to a cleaner and greener planet.

InfraMantra hopes that other organizations will be inspired by its example and take similar steps towards a more sustainable future.

The company firmly believes that by partnering with BluSmart, it can provide eco-friendly transportation solutions to its employees and clients while setting a precedent for other companies to follow.

Shiwang Suraj, the Founder & Director at InfraMantra, expressed the significance of this partnership by stating, “Our collaboration with BluSmart represents a significant step towards minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

We are committed to ensuring a cleaner environment and a better future for generations to come. By choosing to partner with BluSmart, we are not only providing eco-friendly transportation solutions but also setting an example for other companies to emulate.”

Garvit Tiwari, the Director & Co-Founder at InfraMantra, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainable homeownership and eco-friendly practices. Tiwari stated, “Inframantra’s commitment to sustainable homeownership is evident through our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt eco-friendly practices.

The partnership with BluSmart is a testament to our commitment to achieving a zero-carbon emission status. We look forward to continuing our efforts towards a cleaner and greener future.”

By joining forces with BluSmart, InfraMantra is taking significant strides to minimize its carbon footprint and promote sustainable living. This partnership exemplifies the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Overall, InfraMantra’s partnership with BluSmart serves as a crucial step towards sustainable homeownership, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. The company’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly practices is further reinforced through this collaboration, solidifying its commitment to a more sustainable future.