TERI and Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) Launch Phase VI of Green School Initiative to Pave Sustainable Path for Future

Collaboration aims to educate and empower young minds towards creating a sustainable environment

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) joined forces on Monday, July 17, to mark the launch of Phase VI of the Green School Initiative. The initiative aims to celebrate the remarkable achievements made over the years and establish a sustainable path for the future.The Director General of TERI, Vibha Dhawan, emphasized the significance of initiatives like the Green School in instilling a sense of sustainability among children, who are the future citizens. “We are essentially looking to reshape consciousness and foster a mindset that encourages environmental care and stewardship,” she stated.Chanakya Chaudhary, Director of Tata Steel Foundation, expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in the past six to seven years. He underscored the importance of focusing on the outcomes of the program and encouraging more schools to adopt the replicable model, forging a collective journey towards sustainability.In Phase VI of the Green School Initiative, TERI and TSF will collaborate to educate and empower young minds aged 12-14 on various aspects, including water, energy, forest and biodiversity, and waste management. Students will undertake awareness and action projects within their schools and communities, developing solutions that contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment. The Green School Initiative, launched in 2017 by TSF and TERI, aims to raise awareness about environmental conservation in schools through curriculum linkages, action projects, and capacity-building activities.S Vijay Kumar, Distinguished Fellow at TERI, emphasized the importance of making children more aware and receptive to their environment, especially in the current global crisis. He stated, “Students of today are citizens of tomorrow, and the Green School Initiative works towards enhancing their understanding and concern for the environment.”During the e-release of the resource material for Phase VI, Neha, Senior Fellow at TERI, announced that modules would be developed for different categories of schools participating in the Green School initiative. These categories include Early, Experienced, and Evolved schools. Early schools are new entrants to the realm of environmental sustainability, while Experienced schools have been actively engaged in the Green School initiative for at least three consecutive years. Evolved schools represent institutions that have successfully created a sustainable environment by addressing their energy, waste, water, forest, and biodiversity challenges through previous project activities.The launch of Phase VI marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. TERI and TSF’s collaborative efforts are expected to inspire more schools to adopt similar models, fostering a generation of environmentally conscious and responsible citizens.