Chargeup Launches Solarized Battery Swapping Station in Jaipur, Pioneering Sustainable EV Solutions

The pilot project marks a significant milestone in the country’s EV landscape and underscores Chargeup’s commitment to sustainable growth and technological innovation.

Chargeup has made a groundbreaking announcement today with the launch of India’s first solarized battery swapping station. This pilot project, located in Jaipur, marks a significant milestone in the country’s electric vehicle landscape and highlights Chargeup’s commitment to sustainable growth and technological innovation. By introducing this unique concept, Chargeup aims to transform Jaipur, known as the Pink City, into a Green City.

The solarized battery swapping station, situated at Beniwal Kanta, Chungi Circle, Ramgarh Mod, Jaipur, is owned and operated by Chargeup. Equipped with advanced solar technology, the station harnesses the power of the sun, seamlessly integrating with the charging grid to direct solar-generated energy to the charging cabinet. This innovative system enables efficient battery charging without relying on traditional energy sources. Notably, the solarized station has an impressive capacity of charging 140 kWh of batteries, covering 20% of its total energy requirements.

Expressing his enthusiasm about this milestone, Mr. Varun Goenka, Co-Founder & CEO of Chargeup, stated, “Our team at Chargeup is thrilled to be the first in India to solarize a battery swapping station. Drawing from my background in the solar sector, I have always been motivated to steer the EV ecosystem towards a 100% renewable model. By incorporating solar power into our infrastructure, we are taking significant strides in reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources while lowering the cost of providing charged batteries. This pioneering project in Jaipur is just the beginning, and we have plans to replicate this model in cities across the nation.”

In addition to promoting sustainability, Chargeup’s solarized battery swapping stations address grid stability concerns in certain regions. Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted power supply as the company expands its reach, the implementation of solarization ensures 100% uptime during power cuts, ensuring a reliable and consistent electricity supply. This initiative not only enhances the sustainability of electric vehicles but also improves driver convenience, income, and access to electric mobility solutions.

The introduction of these solarized stations aligns with Chargeup’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing reliance on non-renewable energy sources, reflecting the company’s internal and external ESG compliance. The integration of solar power plants significantly reduces additional CO2 emissions associated with traditional battery charging methods.

Looking ahead, Chargeup has ambitious plans to expand this initiative to encompass 30 stations, covering 80% of Jaipur’s pin codes. Furthermore, the company aims to replicate this model in other cities, with a particular focus on Tier-2 locations. By investing in decentralized solar microgrids, Chargeup intends to power 30% to 40% of its stations with solar energy, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to sustainable practices.