Roeslein & Associates Announces Strategic Merger with Roeslein Alternative Energy

Industry Powerhouses Unite to Lead Sustainable Renewable Energy Solutions

Roeslein & Associates and Roeslein Alternative Energy have announced their exciting merger, bringing together two industry powerhouses in the field of sustainable and renewable energy solutions. This strategic union aims to leverage their collective strengths and resources to advance renewable energy development and implementation worldwide.

Roeslein Alternative Energy’s expertise in waste-to-energy and renewable energy technologies, along with Roeslein & Associates’ reputation in engineering and construction, creates a formidable entity poised to revolutionize the energy landscape. They plan to expand their capabilities, innovate technologies, and provide comprehensive solutions to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions globally.

Rudi Roeslein, Founder and Chairman of Roeslein & Associates, expressed enthusiasm about the merger and emphasized the shared commitment to driving a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. The consolidation of their expertise and resources will facilitate greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and synergy in advancing sustainable energy solutions. Both companies’ leadership teams are dedicated to ensuring a seamless integration process and maintaining excellent customer service as One Roeslein.