Tata Power’s Solar Plant to Power Sanyo Steel with Clean Energy

Tata Power’s Solar Plant in Maharashtra to Reduce Sanyo Steel’s Carbon Footprint by 42,534 Tons Annually

Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited’s subsidiary TP Alpha Limited has signed a Power Delivery Agreement with Sanyo Special Steel Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd. for a Captive Solar Plant in Aachegaon, Maharashtra.

The 28.125 MW (AC) solar plant is projected to produce 61.875 MUs of electricity annually, significantly reducing SSMI’s carbon footprint by about 42,534 tons per year.

The project aims to align with sustainability goals and contribute to carbon neutrality while meeting SSMI’s energy requirements.

The partnership reflects a commitment to sustainable practices in the steel industry and emphasizes the advantages of cost reduction, emissions reduction, energy security, and sustainability.

This move is in line with India’s National Green Energy policy and contributes to a clean energy ecosystem.