Capital A to Host Climathon Dubai 2023: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions at the Intersection of Climate Tech and FinTech

Leading Venture Fund’s Event to Drive Sustainable Solutions and VC Insights in Dubai

Capital A, venture fund for early-stage startups, is set to host Climathon Dubai 2023. With a strong commitment to shaping a sustainable future and advancing fintech, Capital-A is bringing together visionary venture capitalists, innovative founders, and ecosystem players for a day of collaboration and discussions.

Scheduled for September 6, 2023, at the prestigious Taj, Business Bay, Dubai, this event marks Capital-A’s entry into the Middle East and India’s climate tech ecosystems. Its primary goal is to foster collaboration and drive concrete solutions to pressing climate challenges. Furthermore, the event will offer Dubai-based venture capitalists insights into the burgeoning ClimaTech opportunities in India.

Ankit Kedia, Founder and Lead Investor at Capital A, expressed his vision for Climathon Dubai, stating, “With Climathon Dubai, we aim to explore the intersections of climate technology and financial innovation to address the pressing global challenge of climate change. We intend to harness fintech’s potential to create a better world and be a catalyst for real change. Together, we will uncover the synergy between climate innovation and financial technology, paving the way for a greener and technologically advanced world.”

The climate tech sector holds enormous untapped potential and is expected to outgrow many other markets in the coming years. Capital-A is leading a transformation within this ecosystem by setting new standards for innovation and commitment. Through strategic investments, partnerships, and forward-thinking strategies, the firm supports startups and ventures focused on sustainable energy, carbon capture, circular economy, and more.

Ankit Kedia further emphasized the connection between Climathon Dubai and Climathon’23 in Bengaluru, stating, “Climathon’23 in Bengaluru set the stage for what we aim to accomplish with Climathon Dubai. Around 37 pioneering startups showcased their game-changing ideas, showcasing the immense potential of innovation in driving sustainable change. The Dubai event will extend this legacy, providing an even bigger platform for like-minded startups to converge.”

Participants in Climathon Dubai will have the opportunity to network with VC funds and the climate-tech ecosystem in Dubai, gaining insights into this thriving sector. They will also explore the exciting outcomes of the inaugural Climathon’23, where startups redefined climate tech innovation.

Capital A has already made strategic climate investments in various startups such as Chargeup (with a focus on Battery-as-a-Service), Oorja (specializing in Predictive Analysis for Battery performance), and Entuple E-Mobility (focusing on EV Powertrain and motor technology). This underlines the VC firm’s dedication to making a positive impact in the green-tech ecosystem and supporting innovative solutions to combat environmental challenges.

Climathon Dubai promises to be an event where change-makers unite, ideas flourish, and the future takes form. Join this transformative journey towards a world where climate innovation and financial technology converge to create lasting impact.