Earthood’s Climate Summit Galvanizes Global Leaders and Policymakers

Earth Climate Summit brings together industry experts, government officials, and environmental advocates for transformative discussions.

Earthood, a group committed to catalyzing global action on climate change through education, advocacy, and innovative solutions, orchestrated a momentous event – the Earth Climate Summit. In collaboration with partners including Renew Power, the Indian Carbon Alliance, Creduce, Carbon Secure, and BluSmart, the summit emerged as a crucible of climate consciousness. With over 60 participating organizations, spanning domestic and global corporate giants, the summit convened luminaries in the field of environmental stewardship.

This summit was tailored for industry experts, thought leaders, environmental advocates, and individuals ardently devoted to climate issues and sustainability in the context of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. It was a confluence of knowledge exchange, networking, and profound insights into climate-related challenges and their solutions.

The agenda encompassed enlightening sessions such as “India’s Roadmap to a Carbon-Neutral Economy by 2050: Decarbonization Strategies and Progress Prospects” and “The Potential of India’s Emerging Carbon Credit Market: Opportunities and Implications.” Additionally, two engaging panel discussions delved into distinct facets of sustainability and climate-conscious practices.

The inaugural panel delved into “Policies and Perspective: Carbon Markets in India.” Esteemed panelists dissected the prevailing policy landscape encompassing carbon trading, carbon pricing, and emissions reduction targets within India. They also explored the potential windfalls for Indian industries, including the prospect of augmented revenue streams through carbon credit sales.

The ensuing panel spotlighted the ambitious goal of decarbonizing the Indian economy by 2050. Panelists underscored the imperative of increased investments in clean technologies and infrastructure to facilitate this transition. Furthermore, they emphasized India’s significance on the global stage, its potential to inspire and lead the charge in decarbonization among developing economies.

Dr. Kaviraj Singh, the visionary founder and managing director of Earthood, inaugurated the summit with a powerful message. He stressed the significance of climate change and decarbonization in upholding India’s commitments under the Paris Agreement. Dr. Singh proclaimed, “A domestic climate market aligned with ambitious decarbonization goals can surmount numerous financial challenges. A well-executed domestic carbon market scheme could pave the way for a $1 trillion opportunity for India’s green transition, generating jobs and driving India’s economic impact to $1 trillion by 2030.”

Distinguished speakers included luminaries such as Deepak Gupta of ReNew Power, Dr. Rajesh Sharma of ICFRE, Dr. Sanjay Vashistha of Firstgreen Consulting, Denis Deryushkin from the Russian Centre for Energy Research, Umit Bhatia of JLL, Sushil Kumar Ojha from Vardhman Textiles, Anirudh Arun of BluSmart, Sanjiv Rangrass from Zetwerk, Nikhil Toshniwal of DeHaat, and Colonel Rohit Dev of Reveille Energy.

Through the Earth Climate Summit, these industry leaders aimed to kindle conversations and catalyze transformation in India’s carbon market policies. The summit served as both a crucible for discussing market trends and forward-looking sustainability practices and an avenue for charting a course toward transformative change through carbon market policies. It illuminated industry challenges, shared experiences, and explored potential solutions. This significant summit fostered introspection and enlightenment, propelling efforts toward progress and innovation in India’s environmental landscape.

This summit has paved the way for future endeavors, reaffirming the determination of all participants to contribute to an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable environment. It stands as a testament to the power of open dialogue and shared understanding in igniting the essential changes needed for a sustainable future.

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