Delhi Transport Minister Announces Electric Vehicle Policy 2.0 Focus on Retrofitting

Minister Kailash Gahlot Addresses High Costs and Subsidy Extensions

Delhi’s Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot, unveiled plans on Thursday to tackle the challenges associated with retrofitting vehicles in the upcoming Electric Vehicles Policy 2.0, citing the significant cost involved. Speaking in an interview with PTI, Minister Gahlot indicated that, given the ongoing development of the new policy, they are inclined to extend the current policy by an additional six months or until the new version is formally ratified.

The Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy-2020 reached its official expiration date on August 8 this year, with previous assurances that subsidies provided under the policy would remain in effect until the introduction of a new policy. Minister Gahlot offered further details, stating, “We are in the process of moving a cabinet note, and we expect it to be finalized within the week. The existing policy will receive an extension for six months or until the new policy becomes official.”

In addressing the imminent policy changes, Minister Gahlot emphasized a critical aspect under consideration: retrofitting. He underscored the growing interest among individuals to convert their internal combustion engines into electric ones but highlighted the substantial associated costs. To illustrate, he pointed out that the conversion of a standard Gypsy vehicle demands an investment of approximately INR 5-6 lakh, a figure on the higher end. The government is actively exploring methods to incentivize and support this conversion process.

Additionally, the government is actively focusing on enhancing last-mile connectivity. Minister Gahlot disclosed, “We have initiated a tender process for the deployment of 3,000 e-scooters and e-cycles to strengthen last-mile connectivity. In the initial phase, 1,500 of these vehicles will be stationed at metro stations, with a pilot project set to commence in Dwarka.”

These initiatives reflect the Delhi government’s unwavering commitment to fostering electric mobility and elevating the overall transportation infrastructure across the city.

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