Epson’s Climate Reality Barometer 2023 Reveals Indians’ Optimism and Sustainability Leadership

New Survey Shows High Climate Concern, Optimism, and Strong Sustainability Initiatives in India

Epson’s Climate Reality Barometer 2023, the third edition of its survey, reveals important insights on India’s perspective on climate change. With over 30,000 participants across 39 global markets, including 3,000 adults in India, the report highlights several key findings.

  • Climate Change Concern: 58.6% of Indians consider climate change one of the world’s most pressing issues, ranking even higher than rising prices and poverty. Globally, 55.32% of respondents share this concern.
  • Optimism and Pessimism: A notable 76.7% of Indians are optimistic that we can avert a climate disaster in their lifetime, surpassing the global average of 47.04%. Only Saudi Arabia exceeds this optimism at 78.99%. Conversely, only 10.4% of Indians are pessimistic, significantly lower than the global average of 26.58%.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Indians are leading the way in sustainability efforts. They are the most likely to boycott unsustainable brands, with 83.35% either boycotting or considering doing so. Additionally, India leads the world with 87.38% of respondents showing a positive intent to switch to electric vehicles.
  • Reducing Plastic Use and Recycling: Nearly 7 in 10 Indians are actively reducing plastic use (68.8%), and over half the population is improving their recycling habits (58.7%). Reusable shopping bags are already in use by 64.1% of those surveyed.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Indians believe that companies have a vital role in fighting climate change. They expect companies to invest in environmental technologies (48.7%), improve recycling and reuse products (40.7%), and encourage employee participation in environmental activities (30.31%).

The report indicates that while Indians are concerned about climate change, they remain optimistic about its impact. However, this optimism must not hinder concrete actions to address the climate crisis. Epson emphasizes the importance of collective action and technology as an enabler to mitigate climate impact. The company’s focus is on creating sustainable solutions that align with individuals’ efforts towards more climate-positive lifestyles.

Samba Moorthy, President of Epson India, underscores the need for united action in addressing climate change and the role of businesses in supporting individuals on their path to more sustainable living.

The survey methodology involved an online survey conducted from 13.07.2023 to 21.07.2023 among 3,014 respondents aged 16+ in India. Globally, the Epson Climate Reality Barometer encompassed 30,294 consumers across 39 markets.