Avaada Group and The Climate Group to Host 4th Annual Hydrogen Transition Summit at COP28 in Dubai

Avaada Group Partners for Hydrogen Summit, Advocates India as Global Green Hydrogen Hub

Avaada Group, a leading player in the integrated clean energy sector, is set to collaborate with The Climate Group for the 4th annual Hydrogen Transition Summit during COP28. The event, scheduled for December 7, 2023, at the Innovation Zone in Dubai, aims to address challenges, identify opportunities, and strategize for the rapid expansion of the hydrogen economy.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Avaada Group’s partnership with the Hydrogen Transition Summit underscores its commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions. The company’s focus on green hydrogen aligns with its dedication to supporting initiatives that drive the hydrogen economy forward.

Thought Leadership at COP28

Avaada Group will have a significant presence at COP28, engaging in thought leadership activities. The company’s participation highlights its dedication to a just and equitable energy transition, accessible climate finance, and advocacy for a global energy shift. The focus will be on pushing for progressive policies to achieve self-sufficiency in fuels and energy, marking a new era of innovation and sustainable development.

India as a Global Green Hydrogen Hub

Avaada Group envisions India playing a pivotal role in the global green hydrogen landscape. The Group aims to position India as a global hub for green hydrogen and a leader in sustainable energy solutions. This vision aligns with the overarching goals of COP28, which seeks global solutions to limit temperature rise, enhance Nationally Determined Contributions, and accelerate the green transition in line with the Paris Agreement.

Vineet Mittal’s Perspective on COP28

Vineet Mittal, reflecting on COP28 and Avaada’s role, emphasized its significance in global collaboration against climate change. As a key player, India stands at the forefront of hydrogen adoption. Mittal highlighted that COP28 provides an unparalleled platform to address the intricacies of climate change and energy transition, crucial for achieving the global aspirations of the Paris Agreement. Energy transition, according to Mittal, is critical for unlocking progress towards the 1.5-degree goal and ensuring a sustainable and resilient future.