DAEWOO Expands Global Footprint with Grand Entry into Indian Market

Iconic Korean Brand Introduces Advanced Automotive Batteries and Sets Sights on Comprehensive Product Portfolio

DAEWOO, the renowned Korean brand celebrated for its global presence, has marked a significant milestone by venturing into the dynamic Indian market. The brand, acknowledged for its iconic legacy, now brings its expertise to India with a complete range of automotive batteries.

The newly introduced Korean technology automotive batteries cover a diverse spectrum, including car, truck, tractor, and bus batteries. Noteworthy features include high cranking performance, maintenance-free technology, and a robust design tailored for Indian road conditions. These factory-charged batteries, engineered to withstand India’s varied climatic challenges, feature a double chamber container with a condensation mechanism.

DAEWOO’s commitment to excellence is evident in its manufacturing process, utilizing top-grade materials like pure lead, PP container lid, separator, and chemicals. The SMF/MF Batteries, equipped with expanded metal grid technology, boast low self-discharge, long backup performance, and faster recharge capabilities.

In addition to four-wheeler batteries, DAEWOO introduces an innovative range catering to Two Wheelers, including Motorcycles, Scooters, and Scooty. These batteries are designed to meet the unique demands of two-wheelers, showcasing efficiency, long cycle life, and compatibility with the evolving mobility landscape.

Mr. H S Bhatia, Managing Director of Kelwon Electronics & Appliances (DAEWOO’s Licensee partner in India), expressed excitement about contributing to India’s automotive sector. He emphasized DAEWOO’s commitment to providing high-quality Automotive Batteries that enhance the driving experience nationwide.

Anticipating further expansion, DAEWOO plans to offer a comprehensive range of high-performance Lubricants and coolants.

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