ElectricPe Opens Doors to Easy EV Ownership with Test Drives, Charging Solutions, and More

One-stop mobility centers simplify EV buying process, tackle range anxiety with dense charging network

ElectricPe, homegrown Electric Vehicle (EV) solutions player, has announced today the expansion of their offerings by opening virtual and physical mobility centres to simplify EV ownership.

At these stores or via the ElectricPe App, customers can:

  • Identify and test drive E-2Wheelers from a wide variety of OEM brands before purchase
  • Choose charging solutions for their home or work
  • Take advantage of attractive subscriptions, financing options, and assistance with vehicle exchange, insurance, and registration

The stores are currently located in Bangalore, with more outlets planned for 2024. Additionally, with an EV purchase, customers will gain access to ElectricPe’s complete suite of services, including:

  • The setup of a charging point
  • Access to ElectricPe’s dense charging network across India

“Mass EV adoption still has two major problems – range anxiety, which we have solved with our dense charging network, and 200+ EV two-wheeler brands to choose from, which creates a lot of confusion,” said Avinash Sharma, Co-Founder, and CEO of ElectricPe.

“To alleviate consumer confusion, our mobility centres and online app serve as educational hubs, empowering buyers to make informed decisions aligned with their specific needs,” he added.

“Our holistic approach, encompassing test rides, seamless vehicle exchange, access to the comprehensive ElectricPe bundle covering charging, battery ownership, insurance, and more, all under one roof, will be the differentiator,” he added.

Co-Founder and CPO of ElectricPe, Raghav Rohila, said, “Our latest initiative will create the accessibility needed to make EV ownership easier, helping further the sector’s growth. Additionally, all the offerings and services available in our stores are seamlessly accessible through the ElectricPe App and conveniently delivered to our customer’s doorsteps. In just October, our mobility stores facilitated the sale of 6 percent of Bangalore’s EV two-wheelers, showcasing the positive impact of our efforts within the city.”

In alignment with its commitment to drive widespread EV adoption in India, ElectricPe has established a holistic ecosystem dedicated to charging infrastructure and customer support. With ‘The ElectricPe Mobility Center,’ the company aims to address and resolve buyers’ anxiety surrounding EV ownership.

More details about the stores can be found at ElectricPe Shop.

This is a great step forward for ElectricPe and the EV industry in India. By making it easier for people to learn about, test drive, and purchase EVs, ElectricPe is helping to remove some of the biggest barriers to EV adoption. I hope that this initiative will be successful and that it will help to make EVs more accessible to everyone in India.

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