TERI Launches Key Policy Briefs on Green Budgeting and Internationalizing Lifestyles at COP28

TERI’s Energy Thematic Day Showcases Strategies for Just Transitions and SDGs

On the Energy thematic day at COP28, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) unveiled crucial policy briefs addressing Green Budgeting and Internationalizing Lifestyles for Sustainable Development. This unveiling took place during the event themed ‘Just Energy Transitions and SDGs: Tools and Enablers,’ organized in collaboration with TERI School of Advanced Studies, Asia Society Policy Institute, and the Center for International Climate Research.

Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General of TERI, stressed the need to shift climate finance commitments from billions to trillions for inclusive transitions. Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, Former Diplomat and Distinguished Fellow, TERI, chaired the session, emphasizing the complexity of just transitions and the necessity for equity and affordability.

Key speakers, including Dr Ajay Mathur from the International Solar Alliance and Mr Ramesh Subramaniam from the Asian Development Bank, highlighted the importance of local ownership, just transition finance, and the role of financial institutions in achieving sustainable development goals.

The event also marked the launch of Act4Earth policy briefs on ‘Advancing Environmental and Climate Goals Through a Multidimensional Model of Green Budgeting’ and ‘Internationalizing Lifestyles for Sustainable Development.’ Dr Shailly Kedia, Senior Fellow at TERI, presented the multidimensional model of green budgeting, while also spotlighting India’s efforts in internationalizing sustainable lifestyles through the G20 High Level Principles.

The technical segment featured discussions on innovative tools and enablers for just energy transitions, involving speakers from TERI and CICERO. Act4Earth, a knowledge initiative, aims to strengthen the interface between climate action and SDGs through policy solutions and normative directions.

For more details, access all Act4Earth Policy Briefs here.