Interim Budget 2024 Paves the Way for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth: Industry experts

Key Stakeholders Applaud Strategic Emphasis on Farmer Empowerment, Clean Mobility, and Environmental Stewardship

In a significant move towards fostering inclusive prosperity, the Interim Budget 2024 was unveiled, reflecting India’s commitment to sustainable development, economic resilience, and global competitiveness. Mr. Kiran Vernekar, Global CEO of Raintree Foundation, applauded the budget’s emphasis on ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas,’ highlighting the prioritization of farmer empowerment, gender inclusivity, youth upliftment, and a transition towards a net-zero economy. Vernekar expressed Raintree’s enthusiasm to be a partner on this journey.

Noteworthy in the budget is the focus on sustainability and clean mobility, as acknowledged by Ankit Kedia, Founder and Lead Investor at Capital A. He commended the Finance Minister’s efforts in supporting climate-conscious startups, particularly in sectors like green energy. Kedia emphasized the strategic provision of viability gap funding for shore-wind energy, the mandatory blending of compressed biogas, and the introduction of bio-manufacturing in the electric vehicle sector.

Koushik Sur, Co-Founder of Myplan8, highlighted the budget’s commitment to an environmentally friendly future. He praised initiatives like the Blue Economy 2.0, bio-manufacturing, and nationwide expansion of EV infrastructure, seeing them as strides towards a more environmentally conscious and resilient India.

Dr. Manu Gupta, Co-Founder of SEEDS, underscored the budget’s alignment with the Viksit Bharat vision. Gupta emphasized the strategic initiatives to empower the population by addressing essential needs like housing, water, and electricity. He highlighted the leadership role played by India during the G20 Presidency and commended the focus on the extensive coastal line, envisioning a blue economy 2.0.

Satyam Vyas, CEO & Founder of Climate Asia, emphasized the critical role of sustainable initiatives in shaping India’s economic future. Vyas acknowledged the government’s strategic shift towards green energy, with increased infrastructure spending, seeing it as a tangible move towards sustainable housing and energy-efficient projects. Climate Asia aims to leverage these policy shifts to drive private investment in green infrastructure, contributing to an eco-friendly and economically robust India.

In summary, the Interim Budget 2024 has garnered positive reactions for its proactive approach towards inclusive and sustainable growth, aligning with the aspirations of various sectors committed to building a resilient and environmentally conscious India.