Tata Power Lights Up Asia’s Largest Tea Estate with Innovative Solar Panels

Tata Power’s bifacial technology project reduces carbon footprint and sets sustainability precedent

In a significant move for renewable energy adoption, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL) has commissioned a 1040 kW bifacial solar project at the Chengmari Tea Estate, Asia’s largest. This marks the first-ever installation of on-ground bifacial modules in eastern India, capturing sunlight from both sides for increased energy generation.

The project, completed in six months despite challenging monsoon conditions, utilizes 1,900 modules and is expected to generate 1.5 million units of clean energy annually for the tea estate. This not only powers the estate’s operations but also reduces its carbon footprint by an estimated 29,420 lakh tonnes of CO2, equivalent to planting 47,000 teak trees.

“This innovative Bifacial Solar System project represents a significant leap forward in clean energy generation,” said Deepesh Nanda, MD & CEO of TPREL. “We are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, pushing the boundaries of technology and environmental stewardship.”

The project aligns with the tea estate’s commitment to sustainability. “This is not just about harnessing solar power; it’s about setting a precedent for sustainable practices in the industry,” said Gajendra Sisodia, General Manager of Chengmari Tea Estate. “Together, we are making a lasting positive impact on the environment.”

This project adds to TPREL’s growing renewable energy portfolio, bringing its total capacity to 9,012 MW. With 4,752 MW of projects under development and an operating capacity of 4,260 MW, the company plays a key role in India’s clean energy transition.

This project demonstrates the potential of innovative solar technologies to power large-scale operations while promoting environmental responsibility. It paves the way for wider adoption of clean energy solutions across various industries in India.