Urja Sathi Raises INR 3.5 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize India’s Clean Energy Marketplace

Lucknow-based platform aims to democratize access to renewable energy solutions, announces maiden fundraising round.

Lucknow-based Urja Sathi, a trailblazing sustainable energy-tech platform, has secured a significant boost with a seed funding round of INR 3.5 Million. The visionary entrepreneurs-cum-investors Ankitt Jain and Sharlee Jain led the investment, facilitated by Neeraj Kumar Pawar and Ayu Sharma, Co-Founders of Pror In Pvt Ltd. The funding marks a pivotal moment for Urja Sathi, which had been self-funded since its inception in 2023.

Urja Sathi, known for its commitment to renewable energy solutions, operates India’s premier online marketplace dedicated to eco-friendly products and services, with a focus on solar energy. Launched in January this year, the platform aims to democratize access to clean energy technologies, simplifying adoption for individuals and businesses alike.

Founder of Urja Sathi, Anurag Srivastava, expressed excitement over the funding, highlighting the platform’s mission to unite buyers, sellers, and key players in the clean energy sector. Srivastava emphasized the long-term vision of Urja Sathi to become India’s foremost marketplace for renewable energy solutions.

The seed capital will be allocated towards talent acquisition, customer support enhancement, and bolstering marketing efforts, aiming to expand Urja Sathi’s reach among both B2B and B2C audiences.

Investors Ankitt Jain and Sharlee Jain commended Urja Sathi’s dedication to sustainability and innovation, recognizing its potential to revolutionize India’s clean energy landscape. Saurabh Jain, advisor & mentor at Urja Sathi, echoed the sentiment, praising the platform’s role in advancing India’s clean energy transition.

With India’s ambitious target to fulfill 50 percent of its power requirements through renewable sources by 2030, Urja Sathi’s mission gains critical importance. The platform aims to address challenges such as low awareness and financial viability, paving the way for accelerated clean energy adoption.

Looking ahead, Urja Sathi plans to launch its flagship mobile app by April 2024, aiming to onboard over 5000 solar manufacturers and one lakh B2C end-users within the next year. The platform also eyes expansion into emerging segments like Green Hydrogen, EV, and wind energy, further solidifying its position as a leader in India’s green energy landscape.

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