Over Half of Indian Businesses Aim for Regenerative Sustainability Practices in Next Few Years: Report

Sustainability Shift Focuses on Long-Term Value Creation

A recent study by Kearney, a global management consulting firm, reveals a significant shift in the approach of Indian businesses towards sustainability. The study found that more than half (52%) of the surveyed organizations aspire to achieve regenerative practices within the next 1-3 years.

This move signifies a transformation in how Indian companies perceive sustainability. Previously viewed primarily as a risk or cost factor, sustainability is now being embraced as a strategic approach for long-term value creation. By integrating their business models with broader environmental and social systems, these companies aim to contribute positively to the world while achieving sustainable and profitable growth.

“In India, where sustainability is an increasing focus, businesses are exploring creative ways to achieve their decarbonization goals,” said Arun Unni, Partner and APAC Sustainability Co-lead at Kearney. “Leveraging clean energy technologies supported by government interventions, Indian businesses are using readily available greening opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint.”

India’s strong position in renewable energy, currently ranking fourth globally for installed capacity, further bolsters this shift. The report highlights advancements in technology, improved emission measurement capabilities, and growing government support as key drivers for increased investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and green hydrogen for energy storage.

“Beyond financial returns, companies that prioritize sustainability are often better positioned to manage risks, bolster long-term resilience, and foster positive relationships with stakeholders,” said Kate Hart, another contributor to the study. “Collaborative efforts and shared learning across businesses in the region can help bridge the knowledge gaps we see and accelerate the overall transition towards regenerative sustainability.”

This positive outlook for India’s business landscape indicates a growing commitment to environmental responsibility and a shift towards a more sustainable future.

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