Indian EV Charging Gets Boost: Servotech, Electra EV Partner on New Tech

Breakthrough allows faster charging for common EVs, reduces infrastructure costs

In a move that could significantly accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption in India, Servotech Power Systems Ltd. and Electra EV have announced a collaboration on revolutionary EV charger technology.

The jointly-owned technology, for which patents have been filed, addresses a key challenge in India’s EV landscape: compatibility between different charging protocols.

The innovation allows fast DC charging of GB/T Bharat DC 001 vehicles, which use a sub-200V DC platform, through the more common CCS2 charging network. This is achieved through a small additional connector.

This breakthrough eliminates the need for expensive dual charging infrastructure, a major hurdle for widespread EV adoption. It benefits both personal and commercial EVs that rely on the GB/T Bharat DC 001 protocol.

“We are thrilled to partner with Electra EV,” said Arun Handa, CTO of Servotech. “This collaboration brings together exceptional expertise and a commitment to innovation. Joint ownership of the patents will accelerate the development of a next-generation EV charging ecosystem.”

Analysis: A Boon for India’s EV Ambitions

This collaboration is a significant development for India’s ambitious EV plans. The Indian government has set a target of having 30% of all vehicle sales be electric by 2030. However, a lack of charging infrastructure has been a major concern.

The new technology by Servotech and Electra EV directly addresses this concern. By enabling existing CCS2 chargers to work with GB/T Bharat DC 001 vehicles, it significantly reduces the infrastructure investment needed. This can lead to a faster rollout of charging stations, boosting consumer confidence in EVs.

Benefits for the Companies

The partnership is a win-win for both companies. Servotech gains access to Electra EV’s expertise in electric vehicle powertrains, while Electra EV benefits from Servotech’s experience in developing EV charging solutions. Additionally, joint ownership of the patents allows them to share the potential future revenue streams from the technology.

This collaboration positions both Servotech and Electra EV as frontrunners in India’s burgeoning EV market. Their innovation has the potential to not only benefit their companies but also play a crucial role in achieving India’s clean energy goals.