This Sustainability Advocate Completes Cross-India Drive to Promote Electric Vehicles

Sushil Reddy Educates Thousands on Sustainability and Challenges EV Myths

Sustainability advocate Sushil Reddy has concluded a landmark cross-India expedition aimed at raising awareness and challenging myths surrounding electric vehicles (EVs). Reddy’s “SunPedal Ride” took him across 25 cities and over 9,000 kilometers, culminating at the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam.

The centerpiece of the journey was the MG ZS EV, India’s first “Pure Electric Internet SUV,” according to a press release. Reddy used the car to showcase the viability of EVs in diverse Indian terrains and cultures.

A key aspect of the SunPedal Ride involved visiting colleges and universities along the route. Reddy interacted with over 5,000 students in 60 days, educating them on the benefits of EVs. These included economic advantages, environmental cleanliness, comfortable driving experiences, and the evolving charging infrastructure. Sessions reportedly concluded with quizzes, demonstrations of the MG ZS EV’s 461km* range, and even test rides for some students.

Reddy’s expedition aimed to portray electric mobility as a sophisticated, cost-effective, comfortable, and reliable alternative to traditional vehicles. “With every mile traveled, the MG ZS EV paves the way for a greener tomorrow, where sustainability and elegance converge in perfect harmony,” the press release stated.

Reddy emphasized the importance of open dialogue and dispelling misconceptions to encourage wider adoption of EVs. MG Motor India, meanwhile, is said to be committed to creating a robust EV ecosystem through various initiatives.

(*Range as claimed by MG Motor India)