Mumbai Beach Gets Major Clean-Up Effort in “Samudra Manthan” Drive

Sugee Group, Jay Foundation Partner for Large-Scale Beach Cleanup in Mumbai

Sugee Group, a leading real estate developer, joined forces with the Jay Foundation, an environmental nonprofit, to organize a large-scale beach clean-up program at Dadar Beach in Mumbai. The initiative, called “Samudra Manthan,” which translates to “churning of the ocean” in Hindi, brought together nature enthusiasts, students, and residents from across Mumbai for a day dedicated to environmental action.

This isn’t the first time Sugee Group and the Jay Foundation have collaborated on beach clean-up efforts. Sugee Group has been a steadfast supporter of the Jay Foundation’s environmental initiatives for several years. The Jay Foundation, led by ocean advocate Jay Shringarpure, is known for its work in raising awareness about ocean health and promoting sustainable living practices, particularly among young people.

“We are once again happy to be a part of the Dadar Beach Clean-Up initiative ‘Samudra Manthan,'” said Nishant Deshmukh, Founder and Managing Director of Sugee Group. “This drive effectively cleared the beach of garbage and plastic waste, underlining our strong commitment to a clean and green environment.”

Deshmukh emphasized the importance of protecting the environment, not just for the sake of aesthetics, but for sustainable living. “Every element of urban infrastructure, including our oceans and water bodies, needs to be well protected,” he said.

This sentiment was echoed by Jay Shringarpure. “This is the seventh successful year of our beach clean-up drive,” he said, “and every year the participation from environmentally conscious citizens is just increasing, which is a good sign.”

Shringarpure pointed out the critical role clean-up efforts play in mitigating ocean debris and plastic pollution, which pose a significant threat to marine life. He also highlighted the program’s focus on educating young people about environmental responsibility. “We want to inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst youngsters, who are the future of tomorrow,” he said.

The Samudra Manthan initiative has seen impressive results. With over 1,000 volunteers participating to date, the program has removed more than 9,000 tonnes of plastic and garbage from over 450 beaches across Mumbai. The collaboration between Sugee Group and the Jay Foundation serves as a model for corporate-NGO partnerships that can make a significant positive impact on the environment.

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