ADVIK Powers Up for Electric Future with Acquisition of Aceleron Energy

Auto Parts Manufacturer Expands Portfolio with Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

In a move signaling a strategic shift towards electric mobility and clean energy, leading automotive component manufacturer ADVIK has acquired key business assets of Aceleron Energy Ltd., a UK-based pioneer in advanced lithium-ion battery technology.

The acquisition, spearheaded by ADVIK’s UK subsidiary Advik Technologies Limited, marks the company’s entry into the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) sectors. This aligns with ADVIK’s growth trajectory and expands its product portfolio and customer base.

“This acquisition is a transformative step for ADVIK,” said Mr. Aditya Bhartia, Managing Director of ADVIK. “Aceleron’s cutting-edge Li-ion battery technology complements our existing strengths and positions us to be a key player in the development of next-generation energy storage solutions, driving progress towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

The acquired assets include not only Aceleron’s patented battery technology, but also state-of-the-art testing and prototyping facilities in the UK, further bolstering ADVIK’s network across 10 plants.

Aceleron’s revolutionary battery design eliminates welding, promoting reusability and scalability – a significant advancement for a more circular economy. This technology is engineered to extend battery life and reduce waste, ultimately increasing accessibility to energy storage products.

ADVIK anticipates significant growth in the electrification of the mobility sector, encompassing two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheeler segments, alongside a surge in demand for stationary energy storage systems. This acquisition positions ADVIK to capitalize on these trends and become a major player in the clean energy revolution.