ARC Electric Fleet Surpasses 80,000 Kilometers, Reducing Carbon Footprint by 14.6 Tons

Company’s diverse electric vehicles power pre-booked rides, employee transport, and events

ARC Electric, a sustainable electric vehicle (EV) transportation solutions provider, today announced a major environmental milestone. The company’s fleet of electric vehicles, comprised of models from Tata Tigor, Citroen, and BYD, has collectively surpassed the 80,000-kilometer mark in 2024.

This impressive distance, equal to circling the globe twice, has resulted in a significant reduction of ARC Electric’s carbon footprint by an estimated 14.6 tons of CO2 emissions. This achievement highlights the company’s commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

ARC Electric’s fleet consists of cutting-edge electric vehicles that cater to various ride types, including pre-booked rides, Employee Transportation Services (ETS), and event transportation. By leveraging the zero-emission capabilities of EVs, ARC Electric has effectively demonstrated the viability and impact of clean energy vehicles in urban transportation settings.

As of March 2024, ARC Electric’s meticulously maintained electric fleet has traveled an estimated 84,388 kilometers. This landmark achievement in eco-friendly transportation equates to a substantial contribution to the global carbon credit market, further enhancing the company’s sustainability profile. It is important to note that the event rides and ETS data’s kilometers have been calculated based on an average trip length, with actual figures subject to ongoing verification processes.

“Crossing the 80,000-kilometer threshold marks a significant chapter in ARC Electric’s journey towards environmental stewardship,” said Abhinav Kalia, CEO of ARC Electric. “Our success in reducing 14.6 tons of CO2 emissions is a significant step towards a cleaner environment for our community and planet, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. The integration of Tata Tigor, Citroen, and BYD vehicles into our fleet underscores our pledge to innovation and eco-conscious business practices.”

This achievement aligns with ARC Electric’s mission to minimize the ecological impact of transportation and contribute to global sustainability goals. By integrating Tata Tigor, Citroen, and BYD electric vehicles into its operations, ARC Electric is setting a new precedent for the transportation industry’s role in the fight against climate change.