IIT Roorkee Hosts Successful Indo-French Seminar on Advances in Robust Nonlinear Control

Leading experts convene for robust nonlinear control discussions

The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) has concluded its highly successful Indo-French Seminar on “Advances in Robust Nonlinear Control for Uncertain Dynamic Systems: Theory and Applications.” Held from April 15 to 19, 2024, the seminar was a collaborative effort between the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Roorkee and École Centrale de Nantes, France.

The seminar brought together esteemed experts and participants from both India and France to delve into the latest developments in robust and nonlinear control methodologies. Sessions during the event covered a wide range of topics in control theory, including sliding mode control, adaptive techniques, and event-triggered strategies, showcasing their practical applications across various fields such as energy systems and robotics.

Prof. Sohom Chakrabarty, Course Coordinator from IIT Roorkee, lauded the seminar’s success, highlighting its role as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge exchange. He expressed satisfaction with the enthusiasm and engagement of participants in exploring advanced control solutions to real-world challenges.

Distinguished speakers from leading French institutions, including École Centrale de Nantes, University of Caen Normandy, INRIA Lille, as well as several Indian Institutes of Technology and universities, delivered expert lectures during dedicated technical tracks at the seminar. Their contributions spanned robust nonlinear control methodologies and practical applications, demonstrating a diverse range of expertise in the field of control systems and engineering.

Prof. Franck Plestan, French Coordinator from École Centrale de Nantes, commended IIT Roorkee for providing an excellent atmosphere conducive to productive discussions. He expressed optimism about future academic exchanges that could lead to impactful engineering innovations.

The seminar concluded with a valedictory session attended by eminent dignitaries, including Prof. K. K. Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee. Prof. Pant emphasized the significance of international collaborations in advancing scientific research and technological innovation, underscoring the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing exemplified by the Indo-French seminar.

The success of the seminar underscores IIT Roorkee’s dedication to fostering academic excellence and facilitating global partnerships in the pursuit of innovation and societal development.