Amara Raja partners with Gotion for LFP battery technology, boosting India’s EV ambitions

Indian battery giant gains access to world-class technology to manufacture LFP cells for electric vehicles

Indian battery giant Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd (ARE&M) has signed a significant technical licensing agreement with GIB EnergyX Slovakia, a subsidiary of Gotion High-Tech Co Ltd. This collaboration promises to propel India’s electric vehicle (EV) industry forward by granting Amara Raja access to world-class Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cell technology.

The agreement allows Amara Raja’s subsidiary, Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies (ARACT), to manufacture LFP cells in both cylindrical and prismatic formats, leveraging Gotion’s expertise. This comprehensive partnership extends beyond just technology. Amara Raja will also gain critical support in setting up their Gigafactory facilities, integrating with Gotion’s global supply chain for battery materials, and receiving technical assistance for customer deployments.

This technology transfer aligns perfectly with Amara Raja’s goals of operationalizing its Gigafactory and its advanced research and development center, ‘ePositive Energy Labs’. The company aims to be a leader in India’s battery R&D efforts.

The partnership strengthens Amara Raja’s position in the evolving battery landscape. Last year, they announced a major investment to establish the Amara Raja Giga Corridor in Telangana. The collaboration with Gotion ensures Amara Raja has access to continuous improvements in cell performance and production efficiency throughout the partnership.

This isn’t the first time Amara Raja has joined forces with Gotion. Both companies are shareholders and board members of InoBat, a Slovakian firm developing advanced lithium battery technology for applications like electric aviation and sustainable battery life cycles. GIB, a joint venture between Gotion and InoBat, recently signed an agreement with the Slovak government to build the country’s first LFP battery Gigafactory.

Gotion brings to the table extensive experience with 8 global R&D centers, over 8,000 patented technologies, and a massive manufacturing footprint with a projected capacity of 300GWh by 2025.

“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Gotion and InoBat,” said Vikramadithya Gourineni, Executive Director of ARE&M. “This collaboration strengthens our technology and supply security, and Gotion’s experience adds significant customer credibility to our venture.”

“India is a market with immense potential,” commented Steven Cai, Chairman of GIB EnergyX and Director of Gotion HighTech Co. “We are confident that our combined expertise will significantly benefit Indian customers in their shift towards clean energy.”

This partnership between Amara Raja and Gotion is a positive development for India’s EV ambitions. By leveraging Gotion’s cutting-edge LFP technology and Amara Raja’s established presence in the Indian market, the collaboration is poised to accelerate the development of a robust and sustainable EV ecosystem in the country.