India to Ignite Global Clean Energy Shift with First International Solar Festival

New Delhi event unites leaders, industry, and youth to chart path for solar-powered future

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) announced today the inaugural of International Solar Festival, a landmark event designed to accelerate the global shift towards clean energy. The festival will be held in New Delhi on September 5-6, 2024, bringing together government leaders, industry experts, and youth advocates to chart a course for a solar-powered future.

“This festival is a critical step forward in our collective fight against climate change,” said Bhupinder Singh Bhalla, Secretary of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. “By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we can ensure equitable access to clean energy for all nations.”

The ISA, an international organization focused on promoting solar energy, is spearheading the festival. Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General of ISA, emphasized the urgency and potential of solar power. “Solar energy is transforming communities worldwide, creating jobs, driving economic growth, and reducing emissions,” Dr. Mathur stated. “The International Solar Festival will be a platform to celebrate these achievements and propel us further towards a sustainable future.”

The event will feature a range of activities, including keynote addresses from global climate leaders, industry-focused sessions, and an innovation showcase highlighting cutting-edge solar solutions. A CEO Caucus Roundtable will convene to explore innovative financing and technological advancements for faster solar adoption.

Beyond industry leaders, the festival prioritizes inclusivity. Discussions will center on the crucial roles of youth, women, and communities in building a sustainable future powered by solar energy. Ms. Saina Nehwal, a renowned badminton player and advocate for women’s empowerment, highlighted the importance of engaging women in the clean energy transition. Ms. Arushi Sana, the Official Youth Ambassador for COP28 UAE, emphasized the need to educate and empower youth to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the solar sector.

The International Solar Festival promises to be a dynamic platform for collaboration. By uniting diverse stakeholders, the event aims to strengthen support for innovative financing, technology deployment, and capacity building. This collaborative spirit is expected to pave the way for impactful global partnerships and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable, solar-powered future.