Power Up Your Home & Save Money: Tata Power Solar Launches ‘Ghar Ghar Solar’ Initiative in Uttar Pradesh

Residents can enjoy substantial financial savings and environmental benefits with easy access to clean energy solutions.

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited, a leading name in sustainable energy solutions, today launched a groundbreaking rooftop solar initiative named ‘Ghar Ghar Solar, Tata Power ke Sang’ in Uttar Pradesh. This ambitious program aims to empower every household in the state with clean and affordable solar energy.

Residents to Benefit from Substantial Savings and Environmental Advantages

Households across UP can enjoy significant financial savings and environmental benefits by adopting state-of-the-art Rooftop Solar Solutions (RTS) offered by Tata Power Solar. The initiative leverages government subsidies of up to ₹1.08 lakh, bringing down installation costs and accelerating solar adoption.

Key Highlights of the ‘Ghar Ghar Solar’ Initiative:

  • Financial Savings: A typical 3 kW rooftop solar system can generate up to 12 units of electricity daily, resulting in yearly savings of ₹27,000 on electricity bills.
  • Government Subsidies: Residents can avail subsidies of up to ₹1.08 lakh, making solar power highly attractive.
  • Advanced Technology: Tata Power Solar offers cutting-edge solar panels, including bifacial modules that capture sunlight from both sides, maximizing efficiency.
  • Quick Installation: The company ensures a swift turnaround time of just 7 days from inquiry to installation.
  • Easy Financing: Flexible financing options are available, making solar power accessible to everyone.
  • Trusted Service: Tata Power Solar provides a 25-year warranty on modules, lifetime service, and after-sales support across India.
  • Extensive Network: A robust network of over 500 channel partners ensures seamless installations and exceptional customer service.

Dr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power: “Our mission is to drive a sustainable energy future. With this initiative, we empower UP residents to significantly reduce electricity bills and contribute to a greener environment.”

How to Apply for Rooftop Solar:

  1. Visit the UP government’s renewable energy website: https://upneda.org.in/solar-rooftop-programme.aspx
  2. Complete the application form and choose Tata Power as your preferred provider.
  3. Submit necessary documents and await approval and site inspection.
  4. Schedule installation with Tata Power Solar.

This initiative aligns with the national goal of achieving 40 GW of solar rooftop installations. Through ‘Ghar Ghar Solar,’ Tata Power Solar is expanding its reach to 23 states, 300 cities, and 50+ industrial and commercial sectors.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about the ease and accessibility of adopting solar rooftop solutions with Tata Power Solar. By switching to clean solar energy, residents of Uttar Pradesh can contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.