India Boosts Green Hydrogen Leadership with Testing Facility Funding

Rs. 200 Crore Scheme to Bridge Gaps, Ensure Safety in Green Hydrogen Production

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced a new scheme to fund the development of testing facilities, infrastructure, and institutional support for the National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM). This initiative aims to establish India as a global leader in green hydrogen production and usage.

Key Highlights of the Scheme:

  • Budget: Rs. 200 crore allocated until the financial year 2025-26.
  • Implementation Agency: National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE)
  • Objectives:
    • Identify gaps in existing testing facilities for green hydrogen components, technologies, and processes.
    • Establish new testing facilities and upgrade existing ones to ensure safe and secure green hydrogen production and trade.
    • Develop robust quality and performance testing mechanisms.

Benefits of the Scheme:

  • This scheme will play a crucial role in achieving India’s green energy goals and self-reliance (Aatma Nirbhar) through clean energy.
  • It will contribute to the global clean energy transition by inspiring other nations.
  • The development of robust testing facilities will ensure the quality, sustainability, and safety of green hydrogen production and trade in India.
  • This mission is expected to significantly decarbonize the Indian economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports, and establish India as a technological and market leader in green hydrogen.

The announcement of this funding scheme is a significant step towards India’s clean energy ambitions and its leadership role in the global green hydrogen market.