Eleo Unveils New Battery Packs Designed to Power the Off-Highway Revolution

Modular design and rugged construction address key challenges for electrifying construction, agriculture and other off-road applications.

Yanmar company, Eleo, has unveiled a new range of battery packs specifically designed for the demanding world of off-highway vehicles and equipment. These packs address a critical gap in the market, offering a standardized solution for manufacturers (OEMs) to electrify their entire product lines.

Engineered for Durability in Harsh Environments

Unlike their on-road counterparts, off-highway vehicles operate in harsh environments filled with dust, water, shock, and vibration. Eleo’s battery packs are rigorously tested to withstand these challenges, ensuring consistent high-performance day in and day out.

Modular Design for Flexibility and Scalability

The Eleo packs boast a unique modular design that caters to the diverse space constraints of off-highway equipment. With both horizontal and vertical placement options, these packs can be easily integrated into existing designs. They also offer a scalable voltage range from 50V to 720V and a maximum continuous power output of up to 90 kW, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Multiple packs can be combined through the multipack functionality, further increasing system capacity and voltage. This flexible integration, with its 90-degree rotation option, allows for efficient use of space.

“Our battery packs provide a practical alternative to internal combustion engines,” said Bas Verkaik, CEO at Eleo. “This is a significant step forward in supporting the global transition towards net-zero emissions by enabling the electrification of the off-highway sector.”

Additional Key Features

  • Industry Standard Protocols: CANOpen and J1939 communication protocols ensure seamless integration and provide vital data for safe and reliable operation.
  • Service-Friendly Interface Box: This innovative design minimizes service turnaround time by allowing for quick and easy replacement of parts, eliminating the need to return entire battery packs for repairs.

Eleo’s new battery packs have the potential to revolutionize the off-highway industry, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.