Fly ash polluting air, Bokaro committee to look into charges

Villagers around Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) have registered their complaint and are protesting against the fly ash in the air caused the dumpers carrying fly ash from the Ash Pond.

For last three month the villagers have blocked the road and have stopped the transportation of fly ash.

According to The Telegraph villagers, led by the national secretary of the Youth Congress, Sweta Singh, met deputy commissioner, Bokaro, Mukesh Kumar, on Monday and apprised him of the situation. Ssub-divisional officer, Chas, Shashi Prakash Singh, and other officials were also present.

The deputy commissioner has assured of forming a committee to assess the situation  and submit a brief report.

The commissioner asked the villagers to lift the blockage until the committee submitted its report and a solution was found.

The fly ash belongs to Bokaro Power Supply Company Private Ltd (BPSCL), which supplies its entire produced power to BSL and is located inside its plant.

Sweta Singh told the deputy commissioner,  “Thousands of residents living in the villages on the fringes of BSL’s ash pond are suffering problems due to rising air pollution. The fly ash hovers in air in the area and is a health hazard.”

We reached out to the villagers to understand more about the problem they are facing , they said these fly ashes causing breathing problem , not only that they are settling on everything at home.

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