Shakti Pumps installs over 8500 solar submersible pumps in Haryana

Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd. has emerged as the largest supplier of solar pumps to the farmers of the state through the Government of Haryana, thereby helping the state to become a leader in the irrigation sector.  

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar recently inaugurated the state’s solar water pumping program at a function held in Chandigarh. Under this programme, the Haryana government is going ahead with the installation of solar water pumps to promote irrigation across the state. 

In Haryana, under PM Kusum Yojana, Shakti Pumps, taking initiative as a leader, has set an example in installing solar pumps and is trying to stay ahead in future . 

Dinesh Patidar, Chairman and Managing Director, Shakti Pumps India Limited informed that the company has so far successfully installed more than 8,500 solar submersible pumps in 7.5 and 10 HP categories across Haryana and the work order for the supplies of 3 to 10 HP surface solar pumps are in process.

These pump-sets will be operational in the coming days. 

Patidar further added – Taking forward its offering, Shakti Pumps has introduced its Kalpavriksha Universal Solar Pump Controller which provides many applications to the farmers of Haryana with their home use. Apart from water pumping, Universal Solar Pump Controller is also useful in solar powered flour mill, thresher and fodder cutting machine set. Kalpavriksha Universal Solar Pump Controller can be easily controlled even from remote location using mobile app or website. 

Today, the way diesel prices are touching the sky, irrigation through diesel pumps is very expensive for the farmers. For installing solar pumps, the farmer will have to bear only 25 percent of the amount and the remaining 75 percent will be given by the state government. Use of solar pumps will eliminate the cost of diesel. In this way the irrigation cost of the farmer will come down & will recovered (pay back) within 6 months. With the help of solar pump, the state government will also get rid of the cost of arranging electricity connections like wires, transformers, electric poles etc. and at the same time the grid load will be reduced. 

Our Prime Minister also believes that with the use of solar pumps, the farmer himself adopts micro-irrigation, due to which the yield of the crop is very good, increases many folds and the income of the farmer increases. 

The Haryana government has also started a special campaign to promote irrigation and supply water to the farm under its scheme ‘Har Khet Ko Pani’. Through this scheme, Haryana government wants to make people aware about the benefits of drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation instead of relying on rain-fed irrigation, in which Shakti Pumps is playing an important role. 

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