Watch: India PV Edge 2020 – Investors Conclave

The third session at the was – “Investment Conclave” , it brought in large investors like , Goldman Sachs, Black Rock, , and climate funds to catalyze investment momentum in cutting edge PV technologies.

Dr. Rakesh Sarwal, Additional Secretary, , thanked the dignitaries and emphasized that “India cannot be a global manufacturing hub of advanced PV without developing strong global scale R&D capabilities and strategic partnerships.”

He mentioned that will work with DST, and international development agencies to catalyze an ecosystem of strong applied research backed by international inter-institutional collaborations and with a sharp focus of academia-industry collaboration.

The symposium delivered a message to the global and Indian solar Industry & investors that India aspires to be a cutting-edge hub, which is a top priority for the Indian government. A momentum for collaboration between technology providers, solar developers and manufacturers has been catalyzed by this symposium.