People in Kashmir using solar panels and solar-powered lamps to cope with irregular electricity supply

In an endeavour to cope with the irregular electricity supply, people in the Kashmir Valley are now using solar panels and solar-powered lamps.

These solar products are on a high demand in the Valley due power shortage.

The local markets in Kashmir are filled with solar products like, solar geysers, solar lights, solar bulbs, solar lantern, solar heating systems which are proving very useful during the winters.

This concept of using solar products has been adopted by the masses.

Locals have expressed their happiness over the increasing use of solar products as a substitute for electricity.

“In the evening at least for 2 hours, solar panels are being used in every household. The shortage in power supply is not being felt with the use of solar products,” said a customer.

“There is a serious power shortage, we depend on solar-powered lamps, it is a must for every home,” added another customer.

“There is an increase in demand for solar products”, said a solar products dealer.

Source: ANI


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