GFG Style and Envision Unveil Concept Electric Car at Geneva Motor Show

GFG Style and Envision unveil a new concept electric vehicle at 2018 Geneva Motor Show. According to the company the concept EV brings together beautiful design with beautiful energy, to signpost the future of mobility.

The GFG Sibylla is a smart electric sedan developed in collaboration with Envision, a leader in smart energy management. The vehicle uses Envision’s EnOS energy IoT platform to integrate with its surrounding energy infrastructure, allowing the car to become intelligently integrated into the wider energy ecosystem. The design is functional and ergonomic, echoing the seamless integration of EnOS.

2018 marks Giorgetto Giugiaro’s 80th birthday; this car is a celebration of a lifetime dedicated to iconic automotive design. Giugiaro has made a tradition of presenting his prototype models at the Geneva Auto Show. In recognition, his classic Chevrolet Corvair Testudo Bertone, first unveiled in Geneva in 1963, is displayed alongside the Sibylla today.

A four-door luxury sedan, the car incorporates innovative solutions in terms of accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics. It revisits classic themes; it is elegant, with generous dimensions (over 5 metres long and 1.48 metres high). The choice of electric propulsion enhanced the interior space and allowed Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro to revolutionise accessibility and exploit this space by introducing rational, functional, ergonomic solutions both inside and outside of the vehicle.

The integration of EV charging into the electricity grid is one of the biggest challenges for the automotive industry today. Sustainable mobility can only become a reality once sufficient clean energy is integrated into the energy system to charge millions of EVs, and for that to happen the world’s transport and energy systems need to merge into one ecosystem. We joined forces with GFG Style to address this challenge,” said Lei Zhang, Founder and CEO of Envision.

An electric car with a 75 KWh battery can store as much electricity as an average European household consumes in a week.

Integrating the car into the energy system means the car can both be an energy source and help contribute to stabilising the energy grid, a critical link between energy supply and demand.

With EnOS, the car not only connects to a network of renewable energy assets, but also communicates and shares energy with other vehicles, homes and buildings, enabling clean, secure and affordable electricity in a flexible and smart future energy system.


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