Rays Power Infra completes 3 large EPC Solar PV projects in Karnataka is less than 100 days

Rays Power Infra has announced the commissioning of 3 large EPC solar PV projects in Karnataka, under the state’s open access scheme.

The projects in Jhamkhandi (40 MW), Bijapur (45 MW), and Kustagi (45 MW) were built with the best in class design and equipment, and took less than a 100 days from land acquisition to commissioning.

The breathtaking speed of the development of the projects, as well as the cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art equipment reflects upon the technical skill of the company. Managing to build these 3 projects simultaneously in this short period of time will allow the businesses operating in the area to access cost-effective and eco-friendly energy.

The open access model implemented in Karnataka enables access to power at considerably lower rates, offering better efficiencies and lower utility bills while reducing the carbon footprint of industries in the areas being serviced by projects built in the state. These projects will be a cost-effective source of energy for the businesses and MNCs in the region, enabling greater economic growth and prosperity in these three areas.

Commenting on this achievement, Ketan Mehta, CEO, Rays Power Infra Pvt. Ltd., said, “Built with the best available technology in less than a 100 days, these projects reflect upon our company’s capacity to commission state-of-the-art solar power plants at 3 separate locations simultaneously. This sets a new benchmark for quality and efficiency, and showcases the depth of our engineering skill and capacity. We are extremely grateful to the support we have received from all stakeholders, particularly the state government with its open access policy, and our private partners who have provided extensive support.”

Rays Power Infra aims to continue in its endeavour to provide its extensive project experience and industry-leading technical expertise to become one of the top players in India through its innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solar power technology solutions.