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KSRTC electric bus service disrupted after battery drained out midway

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KSRTC electric bus service launched on Monday got disrupted when battery of two of the ten buses got drained out midway before reaching destination.

Matribhumi News reports that the one of the two electric buses which started operation from Thiruvananthapuram stopped at Cherthalathe due to battery drainage, while engine of another electric bus shut off automatically when it reached Vyttila. However , KSRTC arranged another electric bus to transport passengers who got stranded at Cherthala.

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The conductor of the bus which stopped at Cherthala said we asked the passengers to get down and board to on another electric bus running on the same route, it was arranged by KSRTC.

Conductor of another bus which stopped at Vyttila speaking to TOI said: “There was only 8% battery charge remaining and hence, we were forced to stop the service.”

KSRTC MD Dinesh M P speaking to the publication said “electric bus can cover 240km on full charge. The drivers of the two buses do not seem to have received training in power usage while driving, else the battery could not have drained out. It is to be noted that rest of the eight buses completed the schedule in the same route. The matter was informed to the company. There will not be any issue in the future as the recharging station at Haripad is ready.”


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