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Blueprint to create 10 million jobs in electric mobility segment is ready: Report

A blueprint to create a specialized workforce to support electric mobility mission in the country is ready, says a report. It is expected to generate 10 million jobs in the EV segment.

As per the blueprint skilled workforce will be created with EV expertise in areas such as design and testing, battery manufacturing and management, sales, services and infrastructure reports ET.

According to the report a programme has been prepared by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to cater to the workforce demand expected from the electric mobility industry.

Top official speaking to the publication said that the ministry is preparing a specialized curriculum is to cater to workforce demand from the electric mobility industry.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship will supervise the creation of this workforce in a targeted and time-bound manner.

The report states that the government has roped in all stakeholder ministries and related-sector skill councils, including automotive, power and the director-general of training for the programme.

“The plan is to bring all initiatives on one platform to achieve the desired results,” the official said.