India taking continuous initiatives to develop clean energy: Harsh Vardhan

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan on Monday said that India has continuously taken initiatives and shown leadership qualities for developing clean energy and counter climate change.

“India has continuously taken initiatives and shown leadership qualities for working towards clean energy. We have developed an incubator in Delhi which will help in clean energy testing. Prime Minister has even formed an international solar alliance which is the big leap in clean energy initiative,” said Vardhan.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi in COP21 conducted in Paris in 2015, had stressed on the creation of clean energy to counter climatic change. He took an initiative, ‘mission innovation’ to bring all the countries together and conduct research to develop the sources of clean energy and work towards utilizing non-fossil fuels and save the world from the consequences of climate change,” he added.

Vardhan further stated that India has invested in around eight areas involving biofuels, smart grids and other related subjects.

“I am happy to say that today 24 nations across the country along with the European Commission are together carrying out research regarding clean energy,” said Vardhan.

“India has promised in front of the entire world that it will fulfil its rationally determined contributions, on time. We have promised that Indian will exceed towards electric mobility, it will produce 175 GW of clean energy,” he added.

Source: ANI