Ampere Vehicles to Power Bigbasket’s Delivery Fleet with its electric scooters


Ampere Vehicles has inked a pact with Bigbasket to provide India’s largest online supermarket, with custom-fit electric scooters for its delivery fleet in key metros across India.

Under the terms of agreement, Ampere Vehicles will provide electric scooters optimized for last-mile delivery purposes in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR. Bigbasket operates fleets of delivery teams across 26 cities of India to cater to over 2.5 lac customer orders a day. 

P Sanjeev, Chief Operating Officer, Ampere Vehicles, speaking on this tie-up, said, “As Ampere is expanding its EV network in India, we aim to foster EV growth and adoption across B2B businesses which can cut down the operation cost thus helping them gain competitive advantage. Our range of reliable electric scooters suits all types of riders and are an economical option for personal as well as commercial useThis tie-up with Bigbasket is a testament of our custom made product range best suited for specific business needs.”

According to KB Nagaraju, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Bigbasket, “In September last year we had articulated the intention to expand our fleet of EV 2W by at least 10 times within a span of one year. This partnership with Ampere is certainly in that direction of going green and the EV fleet makes a great business case for us in terms of lowered costs and stronger social capital built through our sustainable practice. We were one of the first companies in India to use EV for last mile delivery operations way back in 2016 and as we step into a new decade, EVs will be a critical part of our logistics plan.

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