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Chinese firm LONGi Group planning of solar production facility in India: Report

Chinese firm LONGi Group is reportedly looking to set up solar production facility in India. The company has already carried out some preliminary preparations.

The firm has  a branch in India, which is mainly engaged in the sales of the solar modules. It has also been in cooperation with companies such as Sumant Sinha-led ReNew Power.

Li Feng, director, LONGi Group speaking to ET said “LONGi has been comprehensively assessing the possibility of setting up a production base in India, with some preliminary preparations done.”

He added “As for further development, we need to think of the international trade context and the domestic market of India…When the conditions are mature, the project will be moved on swiftly.”

Feng further added “India has always been a market we add great attention to. We hope to offer high-efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic (PV) products in India on a larger scale. In 2019, we brought nearly 300 megawatt (MW) monocrystalline PV products to India, which has been praised and trusted by Indian customers” .

LONGi Group recently announced that it would have 30 GW capacity of monocrystalline modules and 20 GW of monocrystalline cells by the end of 2021.