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Top Solar Inverter Players in 2019 were Huawei, Sungrow and SMA: Report

Wood Mackenzie in its new report on the inverter market 2019 noted that the global solar inverter market grew 18% in 2019. It also noted that Huawei, Sungrow and SMA remained the solar inverter market leaders for consecutive fifth year.

Huawei, Sungrow and SMA held the same positions from 2015 to 2019.

Fimer stands at the fifth position as largest solar PV inverter vendor globally, it witnessed the significant market gain last year which is said to be a result of its acquisition of ABB’s PV inverter line.

According to the research firm Asia-Pacific market declined slightly last year, however it is still the center of global demand.

Power Electronics lost just a part of its market share to Sungrow, however it maintained its first-place ranking in the U.S. market in 2019.

The five big firms capitulated only 1% of their stranglehold on the global market to claim 56% of business.

As per WoodMac the 10 biggest inverter makers accounted for 76% of global trade.