Samsung introduces E-catalogue To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Samsung Carbon Footprint

South Korean Tech giant Samsung has taken a step towards the environment by reducing usage of printed brochures with the launch of an interactive e-catalogue.

The company has launched e-catalogue for its diverse portfolio of products aimed at providing a safe and enhanced buying experience for consumers.

Through the e-catalogue, consumers will be able to browse the entire range of smartphones, wearables, televisions and other digital appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart ovens and sound devices.

The e-catalogue offers complete understanding of product features to the consumers via showcasing of product benefits, high-resolution pictures and unboxing videos. Consumers can shortlist and compare models within each product category on key specifications. The e-catalogue offers similar look and feel across product categories for a consistent experience.

While reiterating the brand’s commitment towards Green initiatives, the e-catalogue is also optimized for mobile viewing. Consumers do have an option of downloading low-resolution or high-resolution e-catalogues for facilitating viewing despite bandwidth issues, if any.

However, the company did not reveal how much carbon footprint will be reduced switching to e-catalogue.

Last year the South Korean firm announced to reduce its reliance on plastic materials. The firm said it will replace the plastic used in phones, wearables and tablets for accessory bags and moulds with “eco-friendly materials”.

Samsung also shared its plans to swap the typical plastic trays that its devices come in for pulp moulds and will also produce matte chargers in future, eliminating the need for a plastic film to protect them during transport.

Its is really an appreciable move from the tech giant. We hope more tech firms come forward and take more step towards a sustainable environment.

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