Sony Pictures Networks Joins Hands With SayTrees to support afforestation efforts

As part of its CSR commitment, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) has partnered with the NGO, SayTrees, to support afforestation efforts.

Together SPN and SayTrees have planted over 8000 native varieties of tree saplings through the dense afforestation method in three acres of land in the drought prone Satara district of Maharashtra which will soon grow and become a natural canopy cover.

The project focuses on environmental sustainability and improving quality of life by tackling climate change.

 The collaboration with SayTrees amplifies Sony Pictures Networks India’s effort to advance the cause of environment protection and further sensitise others on the importance of conservation by nurturing the planet.

This afforestation project will ensure that each sapling planted gets unique and individual attention by providing a well-planned location to foster the growth of trees and preserve the environment.