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Trina Solar shipped over 8GW Solar Module in India

Trina Solar has shipped more than 8GW of solar modules to India since 2010, supplying to PV projects in all three segments of residential, commercial and industrial and utility.

“Solar modules for commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses accounted for 60% of Trina Solar’s shipments to India last year and in 2022’s first quarter, while about 40% of shipments were for utility-scale projects,” says Gaurav Mathur, India director for Trina Solar.

Many commercial and industrial businesses in India have been installing solar, especially rooftop solar. Businesses here have renewed impetus for this, as they are saving on their electricity bills. Some parts of India have been experiencing power outages, especially during the heat wave. Diesel-powered generators were once a popular alternative but are now proving to be even more costly due to rising oil prices.

Mathur says Trina Solar shipment volume in the first quarter of 2022 is at historic highs. Trina Solar’s cumulative shipments has achieved 8GW in India from consistent sales performance since the company was established in India in 2010.
“We are positioned in India as a high-quality brand of module known for its high standard of after-sales service,” says Mathur. “We have strong customer relationships,” he added that most of the sales and customer support team have been with Trina Solar for more than seven years.

He says: “India is moving toward higher power, higher efficiency modules; the type of modules that Trina Solar is renowned for because of its reputation for technological innovation.”

“Our bestselling modules last year were the Vertex 540W and Vertex 550W module. We have now started selling our Vertex 670W module, which is proving very popular.” The Vertex 670W module, has an efficiency of up to 21.6%, and is among the highest power wattage offered in the market currently.

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