Triton EV releases designs of its Hydrogen-Fuel Scooters

Triton Electric Vehicle has recently released the designs of Triton’s Hydrogen-Fuel Scooters. The company also made a major announcement, it is the opening of bookings for Triton’s Scooters.

By the end of this month, Triton EV will start taking bookings for Scooters and Three-Wheelers.

“The scooter designs which we are unleashing today are made after rigorous Research and Development work and also as per the Indian traffic conditions. In addition to the styles, our scooter designs are made to ensure the safety of the passengers. These designs are even safe for kids as well. However, the style quotation is also kept very high considering the fact that young consumers are interested to go for new age mobility for controlling the carbon footprint,” commented Himanshu Patel, Founder and MD of Triton Electric Vehicle.

The company has recently forayed into Hydrogen run Two-Wheelers and Three Wheelers has started the journey of manufacturing Hydrogen-run Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers. “We understand the utility of Hydrogen-Fuel for Indian roads. We at Triton EV are aggressively working towards producing best-in-class, safe, and clean-fuel run vehicles that will ensure a safe environment along with the safety of roads as well for the passengers and consumers. At Triton EV we believe in spending quality time in R&D before coming up with some products which will ultimately enter the Indian Roads,” says Himanshu of Triton EV.

The safety of EV Scooters has become a major concern for policymakers as well as for the entire EV industry. Along the lines of ensuring complete safety of scooters that are run by an alternate fuel, Triton EV as a concerned organisation in the Smart mobility sector chose Hydrogen-Fuel driven scooters as a safer option.

Triton in a statement said that it has a very strong and structured approach toward R&D. The R&D facility of triton EV is located near Ahmedabad and it holds best-in-class infrastructure and expertise for the desired best-in-class vehicles. “We aim to ensure safe and secure vehicles for Indian roads that operate on clean fuel. The safety of our consumers and our vehicles will remain our top priority. We have chosen Hydrogen fuel for Scooters and Three-Wheelers because we realize the importance of the environment as well,” commented Himanshu Patel.

Triton EV has also announced that it has acquired a fully equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for commercial vehicles.

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