Dr. Jairam Varadaraj of ELGi Equipments Reveals Sustainable Strategies for a Greener Future

From Resource-Neutral Operations to Carbon Neutrality: ELGi’s Path to a Sustainable Tomorrow

How is the company actively contributing to a sustainable future?

At ELGi, we have taken a long-term view of the challenges and opportunities that the climate crisis presents. Our Environmental objectives focus on moving towards resource-neutral operations and leading a technology-driven transformation via product stewardship. We also recognise the world facing a growing water scarcity, posing a significant challenge to people, businesses, and the global economy. Being cognizant of this reality, we have prioritized optimal resource management, installing water reuse systems that help us manage the resource judiciously and ensure it is available for communities around our operations. The focus is also to achieve long-term water sustainability through improved water recyclability – reducing the use of fresh water to 50% by 2026-2027.

What are the initiatives taken by the company to reduce carbon footprints?

ELGi’s environment-friendly, oil-free, and electric air compressors are creating new standards in their segments as they deliver industry-leading performance backed by reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. They also support our customers’ efforts to achieve their carbon emission reduction goals.

As our business grows, so does our requirement for energy. We have implemented energy efficiency measures to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations. We harness renewable energy to meet a portion of our energy requirements and are working to enhance the share of green energy in the overall energy mix. The focus is also to improve the customer experience by manufacturing products that deliver best-in-class efficiency – making existing products 5% more energy efficient by 2030.

Share motivations, challenges, and future plans for integrating sustainability into operations.

At ELGi, we have the goal to move towards carbon neutrality across scope 1 and 2 emissions, year on year – reducing carbon intensity to 28% by 2026-2027. Additionally, we are actively pursuing a transition towards a circular economy, where waste is regenerated into valuable resources. Our ambitious target is to eliminate any waste sent to landfill by 2026-2027. In our quest to mitigate climate impact, we recognize the significance of adopting lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant options. By 2030, our aim is to make 80% of our product range equipped with HFO-based dryers, which boast significantly lower environmental impact.


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