MG Motor India Partners with LOHUM to Establish Comprehensive EV Battery Reuse Ecosystem

Collaboration Aims to Develop Second-Life Battery Energy Storage Systems and Promote Circular Economy

MG Motor India, a leading automaker in the country, has partnered with LOHUM, India’s largest producer of sustainable energy transition materials, to create a comprehensive ecosystem for the reuse and life cycle management of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This collaboration aims to develop second-life solutions for batteries, ensuring their efficient utilization and contributing to the circular economy.

Under the partnership, LOHUM will repurpose end-of-first-life batteries from MG electric vehicles to build sustainable second-life Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for various clean energy applications in both urban and rural areas of India. Leveraging LOHUM’s proprietary repurposing technology, the project will maximize the potential of cells before recycling, utilizing healthy cells with high Remaining Useful Life (RUL) to construct sustainable second-life BESS for a wide range of clean energy applications.

Rajeev Chaba, CEO Emeritus of MG Motor India, expressed his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “At MG, we have always been committed to fostering innovation and sustainability. Battery energy storage solutions hold immense potential to revolutionize India’s energy landscape, providing versatile applications, affordability, and undeniable support for local communities. Through this partnership, India can unlock a future where clean, reliable, and low-cost energy storage becomes a reality, empowering communities, households, and entire rural areas while driving sustainable development and energy independence for the nation.”

Chaba further emphasized the significance of the collaboration with LOHUM, saying, “Our partnership enables us to take a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainable mobility. By repurposing used batteries from our EV models, we not only extend their life cycle but also facilitate the delivery of power to essential community centers. The need of the hour is a safe, viable, and enduring supply of clean energy, and this strategic partnership is a step towards achieving that.”

Rajat Verma, Founder and CEO of LOHUM, shared his perspective on the collaboration, stating, “LOHUM is delighted to join hands with MG Motor India in this pioneering endeavor. Through our expertise in battery material recycling and low-carbon refining, we will play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient utilization of MG’s EV batteries. By repurposing these batteries as BESS, we contribute to making the clean energy transition circular and address the critical need for reliable power supply in community centers. This collaboration represents a significant step towards sustainable development and underscores our commitment to creating a greener future.”

The initial offering resulting from this partnership will be a 100% Off-Grid, 5kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) designed to meet the essential energy needs of both urban and rural areas in India. This innovative solution aims to solve the end-of-life EV battery problem while also organizing the battery waste sector. The BESS will provide uninterrupted power supply even in regions with unreliable grid infrastructure.

By repurposing used MG EV batteries into second-life energy storage systems, MG Motor India and LOHUM are championing the principles of the circular economy. The circular economy model emphasizes reducing, reusing, and recycling resources to create a closed-loop system, minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability. Through this partnership, batteries that would have otherwise been discarded are given a new purpose, contributing to a more efficient and responsible use of resources.