Soaring Water Scarcity Levels Grip Major Economies, Urgent Global Collaboration Needed

New BSI and Waterwise Research Identifies Actionable Solutions to Tackle Escalating Water Crisis

The levels of water scarcity are on the rise in major economies like India, the US, and China, due to a significant increase in global water use over the last century. New research by BSI and Waterwise suggests that global collaboration and innovation focused on increasing water circularity could address this issue. Such efforts could lead to benefits like reduced drought risk, support for climate goals, and progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goals. The study also highlights that addressing water scarcity is as crucial as tackling the climate crisis. The report outlines key steps including recognizing the sustainability potential in addressing water scarcity, promoting water-saving products, and adopting a circular economy mindset. The research emphasizes that using water efficiently could bring multiple advantages, including global access, habitat protection, and climate resilience. The report provides recommendations such as reducing water wastage, promoting water-saving products, embracing innovation, and encouraging a water-saving culture. Collaboration and a shift towards a water-saving culture are crucial for addressing water scarcity challenges. India ranks high on the Water Security Indicator among the surveyed countries and faces complex water challenges, requiring comprehensive approaches like policy reforms and technological innovations.