Hindalco Industries Invests Rs. 800 Crore in Expanding Battery Foil Production for Electric Vehicles

Aluminium Company Takes Strides Towards Green Mobility and Energy Storage Solutions

Hindalco Industries, one of the largest aluminium rolling and recycling company, is investing Rs.800 crore to build a new plant in Odisha, India, aimed at significantly expanding its manufacturing capacity of high-quality aluminium foil. The foil, a vital component in Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion cells, will cater to the growing demand in electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems.

Managing Director Satish Pai highlighted the company’s commitment to battery materials and technology investments, aligning with the vision of building a self-reliant India. The new plant, scheduled for commissioning in July 2025, will initially produce 25,000 tonnes of battery-grade aluminium foil, with future projections anticipating a surge in demand to 40,000 tonnes by 2030.

Hindalco has already achieved a breakthrough in battery foil production at its Mouda unit in Maharashtra, working on enhancing mechanical strength, thickness precision, and surface characteristics. The company’s expertise in metallurgy, sheet, and foil rolling positions it to supply materials to Gigafactories worldwide.

In line with environmental initiatives, the project aligns with the government’s green goals to reduce carbon emissions and foster sustainable growth. Additionally, Hindalco collaborates with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to develop critical components for EVs, further solidifying its transition from a metal manufacturer to a high-tech metal solutions provider.

The upcoming facility, adjacent to a 25 MW solar power plant and connected to the National Grid, underscores Hindalco’s commitment to renewable energy. The expansion signals a pivotal step in the company’s evolution and reinforces its role in shaping the future of battery materials for the global electric vehicle market.