Bisleri and CEE Launch Manual to Promote Responsible Plastic Use in Schools Across India

Mumbai launch unveils “Towards Responsible Use of Plastics,” a resource for educators and students nationwide.

In a bid to educate students on responsible plastic consumption and encourage a shift towards a sustainable future, Bisleri International, a leading bottled water company in India, collaborated with The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) to unveil a new manual titled “Towards Responsible Use of Plastics.”

The manual, launched in Mumbai, serves as an educational tool for schools across India. It incorporates a teacher’s guide, posters, and student booklets designed to equip young people with comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of plastics.

Ramesh J Chauhan, Chairman of Bisleri International, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability during the launch event. “We are proud to present this book, which not only encourages responsible plastic usage, disposal, and recycling but also empowers individuals and communities to make significant changes for a sustainable future,” Chauhan remarked.

The book delves into the science behind plastics, including their composition and various types. It also sheds light on the historical development of plastics and their widespread use. But more importantly, it addresses the critical issue of plastic pollution and its impact on our oceans, ecosystems, and the food chain.

Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director of CEE, applauded Bisleri International’s initiative. “This book aims to raise awareness about judicious plastic use and proper disposal methods,” Sarabhai said. “It represents a significant step towards fostering a cleaner, greener planet.”

The manual equips educators with tools to guide students through hands-on activities that promote a sustainable lifestyle. It also explores relevant topics like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the legal frameworks governing plastic waste management in India. Additionally, the book highlights contemporary technologies that facilitate large-scale plastic reuse.

Bisleri International and CEE plan to translate the manual into seven regional languages – Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, and Gujarati – within the next three months to ensure wider accessibility across the country.

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