Nestlé India’s ‘Biodigester Project’ Spearheads Sustainable Dairy Farming

Innovative initiative converts cattle manure into clean biogas, reducing carbon footprint and empowering farmers.

In a resolute demonstration of commitment to responsible sourcing and emissions reduction in dairy farming, Nestlé India unveils its ‘Biodigester Project.’ This innovative initiative harnesses biodigester technology to convert cattle manure into clean biogas, effectively slashing the carbon footprint of dairy farms.

The project, spanning across 24 districts in Punjab and Haryana, sees Nestlé India set to install nearly 70 large biodigesters and over 3,000 small biodigesters. These installations mark a pivotal step towards mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from small dairy farms where exposed manure is a significant contributor.

The process involves microbial breakdown within the biodigesters, yielding biogas as a byproduct. This biogas not only serves as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels like LPG and firewood but also eliminates smoke-related health hazards for farmers. Moreover, the large biodigesters boast the capacity to generate renewable electricity, further bolstering environmental conservation efforts.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Sanjay Khajuria, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Nestlé India, emphasized its alignment with India’s strategic priorities on sustainability and regenerative agriculture. He underscored how biogas and bio-fertilizers derived from the Biodigester Project empower farmers to reduce reliance on conventional resources, fostering farm prosperity and wellbeing.

Testimonials from beneficiaries, like Mandeep Kaur, echo the transformative impact of biodigesters on farm self-sufficiency and economic savings. Kaur’s endorsement highlights the tangible benefits of biogas in enhancing cooking fuel autonomy while mitigating health risks associated with traditional alternatives.

Beyond emissions reduction, Nestlé India’s holistic approach to dairy farming encompasses initiatives such as tree planting for carbon sequestration and promoting low-emission feed. With nearly 80,000 dairy farmers engaged nationwide, Nestlé India champions a future where thriving dairy communities coexist harmoniously with a healthier planet.